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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Show Name...

I need a show name for Margo... I had a good one last year, never used it and now I forgot what it was! So, I was perusing the Jockey Club's list of Recently Released Names (They re-release names of previous/old/deceased horses every year) and here are a few I am liking...

May Snow
Socks and Stockings
Meadow Monarch
Minutes to Midnight
Monday's Lady
Gypsy Meadow
Sioux Creek
Mysterious Me
Silk Sheets
Keys Under the Mat
Kiss in the Dark
Seventh Sunday
Secret Diary
Bright Eyes

Those are just ideas, I really Like "Meadow Monarch" I also like these words, if I could incorporate them into a cool name...




Lil Mom said...

I like Moroccan Valentine. It's like exotic love.

Anonymous said...

What's her registered name again? If you could take a component of that, it would be cool.
Personally, I'd call her Lois Lane (who was played by... wait for it... Margot Kidder, lol!).
Sorry, I was no help at all. :P

Sara said...

Her registered name is "Ginger McTavish" blah!!!

I loveeee Moroccan Valentine!!!!

Thanks Kristin, I think I might use it!

trey said...

HOw about "Miss Ed"