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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blessed and Other Things

I was down mucking the barn yesterday and Margo came around the corner, curious as to what I was doing. She was standing next to the gate and her back looked so inviting, I couldn't help but to climb up and sit on her for a bit. She stood as I smoothed her mane to the correct side and patted her shoulder.

She shifted her weight forward, as if to ask "Want me to walk?" and I thought "That's fine." And I just let her walk where she wanted to go, and of course she walked me over to the feed room door. :) So, I slide off her and gave her a treat and thought how blessed I am to have a horse I can get on without saddle, bridle or even a halter, and trust her to take care of me.

As for other things, Petey is a bit lame yesterday, :( and both my ponies have thrush, which is like athlete's foot. It makes their hoofs stink a little, slightly nerve wrecking to bend over and sniff the bottom of a horse's back hoof! I'm glad I trust Margo so much! :) My farrier is coming Friday though, so I hope he can help me treat them.

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T-Riz said...

Mucking Sucks! I did it once and quickly realized that life is not for me.....
who's your farrier??