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Monday, January 31, 2011

Pete has a home!!!

Petey has a new home with my friend Kara and her family! He is obviously quite the charmer, as Kara has already confessed her love for him! :) Yay! They came and picked him up Saturday. I still need to deliver out his cart to them. I really could not be happier or more pleased that Kara was able to take him on. :) !!!!!!

Margo got moved this weekend to Blue Springs Boarding Center in Battlefield, MO. I'm not sure if she is bred or not, she is going to be vetted as soon as I can make it happen.

I had a really nice ride on her Sunday morning. We are both out of shape! Noticed that I post along fine when tracking right, but when I change reins and track left, my posting is not nearly as balanced. Lots of work needed! Hope my mare isn't bred so I can ride, ride, ride!!! (I'll still ride anyway, but if she is bred, I will take it A LOT easier.)

Going to go get her blanket from storage as a big winter storm is moving in... yuck!

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Anonymous said...

Lucky Petey Pants!! He landed in the right spot. :)

I'll be very excited to find out if Ms. Margo is preggo or not. I'll bet you're relieved to have her back.