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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boucher Bits

Getting friends hook on Bouchers! Monet and Heather tried mine and liked it as much as I do. I choose this bit for Margo b/c she had always been rode in a curb bit, western. When I put her in a dee ring snaffle, she would just walk right through it. The Boucher has a mild leverage that applies pressure to her poll, similar to how a curb works. I love this bit! She is very happy in it. :)


kara said...

I thought of using this bit before. I am a full cheek lady. And they too apply pressure to the poll if used correctly with bit loops. You can actually see they would be the same position when you put them next to each other as long as you use the bit loops. Without bit loops you lose alot of leverage and pressure its just floppy. I also like the pressure on the side of the face for extra steering.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... a full cheek with bit loops, maybe that would help Margo with steering, and still have the poll pressure... hmmm

kara said...

I still have that one you gave me.