5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Daniel Riding Margo

We tried out my lead line saddle on Margo, so Daniel went for a ride. :) Fun! This first picture is not the most flattering of Margo, and Kara pointed out we are all looking at her head for some reason, lol
Aww, Margo looks cute in this one! On a side note, look at Daniel! His legs are perfect, heels down, even not in the stirrups! He is a natural!
Petey Pants watching and my truck and trailer in the background. I got wheels again!


Kara said...

Daniel gets it from me! Michael is a natural as well. He has cantered King around bareback! Wish he would ride more often. Thanks for letting Daniel ride Margo Sara he really liked it and was proud to ride such a big pretty horse.He really likes you as well. I think Pete got a bit jeolous though.

Anonymous said...

Awwww! Cute!