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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Cat Saga, Arghhh!!

So, my boyfriend, Mateo, moved in with me last week. We had previously introduced his cat, Sara Kitty, to my two cats, Christmas and Little Girl Kitty. Then, two days ago, we introduced his other cat, Bella, to the house. We now have four (!) freaking cats at our apartment. omg.

Well, we also have a wild, outside cat, named Scraggly, that we feed. Christmas kitty likes to go outside, and he was accidentally exposed to Scraggly when he was in a stage of sneezing and had a crusty eye. (Great...)

SO... Christmas starts sneezing, a bunch. Then his left eye became very swollen, the inner lid red and irritated. This eye "leaked" clearish fluid and he had a snotty nose. He spent two days being miserable, laying in his cardboard box. Then his eye cleared up and I could tell he felt better, he was up and about and eating normally, etc.

Next, Sara Kitty started sneezing. She became so congested that she couldn't breath through her nose and was (very pathetically) mouth breathing. Poor thing. Mateo treats her with children's nasal spray and give Sara and Christmas a dose of Emergen-C.

Meanwhile, Christmas is still sneezing. So, yesterday, he starts sneezing blood! A LOT. Blood splattered all over his box, the food dishes, and (of course) the bed! Grrr! So, I took all the sheets and blankets and washed and bleached them yesterday, then remade the bed. Fast forward to this morning, he sneezed all over it again!!! Arghhh!!

So, yesterday, Sara is feeling better, not mouth breathing, but still an occasional sneeze. Christmas, today, is on morning three of sneezing blood. I think he/they have Feline Upper Respiratory Infection. So, I am going to ask the vet who is checking Margo tomorrow, if she will write me a script for Doxycycline, an antibiotic. Link I hope she will, as I am too broke to take cats to the vet!

Poor Christmas and Sara Kitty!

So, the other two cats have not shown symptoms of this. BUT, they are total jerks! In the last week, Little Girl Kitty has PEE'D on the KITCHEN TABLE TWICE!!! I KNOW she knows better and did this as a display of her being pissed off. So, she is going to live at my ex's house. This weekend! She is out of here! (Sad, but oh well, I have 4 freaking cats right now!)

On to Bella, Mateo's other cat, who is 18 yrs old, blind, and apparently CANNOT CONTROL HER BOWELS! Omg! She has shit on 2 throw blankets, then the towel I put down to protect the couch, and then ON THE FREAKING COUCH, TWICE!!!! IN TWO DAYS!!! FML! Mateo is very sadly weighing his options about having her put down. She is currently locked in the kitchen.

So, this is my disgusting current saga with freaking cats. Grrr! I love my kitties, but this is TOO MUCH! Please pray for me.

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