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Monday, February 21, 2011

Stubben on CL

Kara found me this Stubben on CL, I emailed the lady and she said it has a 31 tree...

Stubben tree sizes...
32in = Wide
31in = Medium-wide
30in = Medium
29in = Medium narrow

I don't know... Margo is a wide, but... would a 31 work? I love this saddle, I have seen them in brown/black, but never brown/brown.... sigh....


kara said...

I should of let you borrow my gauge but sadly I doubt it if the wide works for her.I am thinking she may be wide or even extra wide. hmmm you can usemy guage if you like but every brand is a little different usually.

kara said...

plus I have no idea what she is like I cannot remember so I would have to see to know and you can always put the medium wide in and try it and see if you think it woudl be too tight. You have options my friend.plus you have a saddle so no hurry.