5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

OMG, Look at this one that Tara found!

She looks awesome!


Kara said...

Tara!!! wow she is very uphill and looks athletic. What breed is she. Very pretty. Looks like fun to ride.well I do notice her muscle build under her neck which could mean she runs around inverted with her head up in the air. But fixable. I likes. Very Very pretty. I would love to hear more is she local.What a prize. AGe? tell me more.krzykara@yahoo.com email me!

Anonymous said...

Kara, I'll email in case you don't see that, but aaauuuughh!!!

First, they say she's registered, come to find out she's a grade pinto, they can register her as color with pinto association, but haven't yet. Steeerike ONE.

She's priced at 2500! Overpriced for a registered horse in this market unless it's specialty trained, WAAAAY overpriced for a grade. Steerike TWO!

THEN... they state she is 15.1, I check and check and recheck and she's closer to 14.2. Steeerike THREE, and YER OUT!

I was so irritated... I drove a freakin' hour and a half based on misrepresentations!



Kara said...

Darn she looks alot bigger than that. oh well pony gaits are not fun when your not a kid anymore. Bummer. well there is always more horses. so that is exciting!

Anonymous said...

She really does look bigger, I was kind of blown away when I was standing right next to her. Whew...

Hey, I want some of those available horses to be ones that suit me! Oh, well, it's only March, I'm sure there'll be lots as we get to Spring/Summer!