5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Friday, March 4, 2011


They had the measuring stick out at the barn last night, and we sticked Margo. She is currently barefoot. I had always said she is 15 hands.

Well, we tried it, twice, and non-scientifically, she sticked at 14.3 and 1/2 hands! Omg! I always call her my "pony," guess she really is a pony!

If I ever want to sell her at 15 hh, I will have to put shoes back on her! o_O


Anonymous said...

Awww, she's not a pony unless she's under 14.2... she's still a "real* horse! =D

But ya know, with a 1/2 inch, I'd just call her 15.0 anyway.


Kara said...

me too she is 15 hands for sure! Kara

Anonymous said...

Does size matter?