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Monday, April 4, 2011

Crossroads Fuzzy Fun Show - Results

Well, I had a lot of fun this weekend at the Crossroads Fuzzy Fun Show! It was free AND I got a ton of prizes! Woohoo! Results: Leadline (Sophie): 3rd out of 5, Trail Class: 5th of 9, Adult walk/trot: 4th 0f 10 (!), egg and spoon: 4th of 4 :) I won a ton of stuff! A free pass to ride again at Valley Watermill, A bag of feed, a t-shirt (traded to Tara for her bag of feed!), A tote bag, 3 bags of treats, a AQHA pin and sticker, and Sophie won a medal and a bag of candy :) Margo's butt is dirty in this picture, but I still like it... :) Thanks to Kristin and Karen for taking a bunch of pics! Glad my buddy Tara was there to share the day too! It was a great first outing for the year. I'm really proud of Margo's 4th out of 10 horses in the Adult walk/trot. Woohoo!

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