5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Thursday, May 5, 2011


Love this one! So Pretty!


Triangle A said...

Hello I moved last year and my computer broke, I got a new computer and did not have you blog link, glad I found you again, missed reading you blog, please tell me, (minus the 5 Acres)????? what happened? you still have your horses (pony)
please catch me up

Sara said...

Aww, Hey! Well, I broke up with my ex and we ended up foreclosing on the farm, sucks, but oh well! I moved back to town and live with my boyfriend Mateo. Still got my mare Margo, boarded out, and my pony, Pete, is on an forever lease with my friend Kara! Going to see him tomorrow and taking Margo to a h/j clinic! I'll post a bunch of pics!

Triangle A said...

I am sorry to hear, hope things will look up from here.
Boarding sometimes is good if you find a good place
Can't wait to see picture

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where's his link? He's cute, white on all the extremeties... lol