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Thursday, May 12, 2011

People Who Invite Themselves Out to Ride My Horse

I have an older packer-type mare. I don't mind giving the occasional "pony ride," I have a leadline saddle my 4 yr old niece shows in. I actually like the little little kids.

Once though, a girlfriend brought out her daughter and she about drove me nuts. "Can I do this? " No." Can I do that?" No. "Can I run her?" Omg, No! You can't even steer at a walk! Ugh! (I don't know why, but someone asking if they can "run" her makes me crazy!)

Most people, when they ask to come ride, I just say "Sure!" and they usually never follow through anyway and I don't remind them, so that's fine.

It is funny to me, that people think if they rode a horse once, that they know all about it. They don't need lessons, they know how to ride! They did it on vacation once! eyes rolling...

Anyway, I read an interesting post on this over at The Regarding Horses blog.

I'm really excited about Mateo riding! He is a good listener! :) Also excited to get my other niece, Sadie, out to ride. Woo-hoo!

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Anonymous said...

My ex-boss used to hint around that I should give his horse crazy teenage daughter a lesson or two. Errr... NO. I have 5 horses (OK, 5 at that time -rolling own eyes-), old, retired, disabled, and a very very very not beginner friendly horse. I'd explain this, yet he still seemed to think if I was there guiding the daughter, all would be OK. *sigh* They just don't know.

It's so cool that Mateo is taking an interest and is not embarrassed to listen to you! =)