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Monday, June 20, 2011

Equitation on the Flat

Pretty girl, got a bath and braided... button braids in her mane by me and tail braid courtesy of Melinda (thanks!)
Of course, she pooped during our hack class and got it on her clean legs (grr!) But, she didn't stop to poop, so score there! haha

We got a third that I am proud of in our hack, Margo caught the wrong lead to the right, but I brought her down to a trot and she picked up the correct lead right away, that was good. We had a break down of communication in our Eq Over Fences class, but did way better in the jumpers, (even though I got disqualified for going off course by going over one jump in the wrong direction) But all in all I am proud of my girl. Love her!
And A BIG THANKS to Tara, who acted as my photographer and puts up with me as her friend. You're the best Tara!!!

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