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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kittens in need of homes!

Mateo rescued these kittens (and their mom) at one week old. The momma cat had these kittens in the bushes at Domino's in Nixa. Mateo was caring for them, then landscaping guys came and trimmed the bushes and momma moved the kittens to one of those little islands with shrubs in the parking lot. Mateo moved the kittens back, then momma moved them out to the island again. Mateo couldn't leave them there, so he brought them home. Momma and five kittens (four boys, one girl) =P

Kittens will be ready for new homes in the next week or two. They all use the litter box, eat hard food and drink water from a dish.

Little Girl kitten - Super playful, rowdy, sweet, likes to explore, brave! Boy (grey tabby) in front - he is really cute and likes attention and is sweet. Also very playful. Boy kitten (butterscotch and white patches) behind- one of two boys with these markings. He is a little lover, also very playful. Mateo, holding the ornery little girl. My favorite kitten on Mateo's leg here, boy kitten (solid orange) He is chubby and lazy and so sweet! I love him!

This is the other Butterscotch and white boy. He is lighter orange than his brother. Also very cute and sweet (they all are...)
Kitten sleepy town cuddle puddle!

Please help me find them homes! I would seriously keep them all if I still had my farm (silly, I know, but true, lol)

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Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Such cuties!!! There's something extra lovable about kittens. My daughter is deathly allergic to them, but she still longs to cuddle with one, yet decides she likes breathing the most. I hope you find homes for them...one day, you will have a farm again, bigger than the last, better than the last and you'll be able to have any baby animal you'd like. Have faith!