5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, all I do now is work M-F during the day, then go to the barn, then come home and sleep, rinse, repeat.

Jack has been keeping me super busy! His leg is looking SO much better and he seems pleased with his life :) He is already gaining weight and I can't wait to start riding him!

Margo is doing great, we are showing Saturday, yea! We got our first blue ribbon together last weekend at a Sho-Me show in Nixa, thanks to Tara, I'm glad I went!

I have been riding some of Scott's horses: Raleigh, a huge grey Hanoverian hunt horse, who is on and off sore; and last night I rode "Big O" an imported Argentinan TB polo pony who is for sale. I love him! He went SO good! I made $20 clipping him, giving him a bath and riding him for 30 min! Woohoo! A buyer is coming to see him today.

I'm mucking Darcie (the reining trainer) stalls this week, as she is in Tulsa at the Ariat Reining Classic. Fingers crossed that she does well there! In exchange for chores, she is going to help me with Margo and Jack, woohoo!

I'm really excited about this fall, hoping to get to go fox hunting with Scott and Amanda a bunch. I need a new hunt coat and I really want a pair of field boots. Maybe for part of my birthday present... :) lol

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