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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Story Behind My New Horse Jack

My new horse Jack... (and Margo wearing western tack for a friend who rode her)

I got Jack when my friend Darcie asked if I might want a free TB. We went to look at him Saturday night and brought him home to Shiloh on Sunday.

He is 16.3, 3 1/2 year old gelding from the Mr. Prospector line. He raced, he had 5 starts but didn't win place or show in any. A guy bought him off the track in AZ and wanted to use him as an out riding horse at chuck wagon races. This was not a good fit for him, then he injured his leg.

He came to me underweight, with a capped elbow and some nasty proud flesh on his left hind cannon bone. He has already put weight on and his leg is healing nicely. I have also drained his elbow about 50% before it closed up again.

He is the sweetest boy ever. Darcie had him earlier this year and put 60 days on him, so she knows him and liked him and said she would help me get him going again. I can wait to get on him! I am trying to let his leg heal up a bit and let him gain a little more weight first.

He lives in the giant stud stall at Shiloh and goes out in a paddock during the day. He eats a lot! Love him!

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