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Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh My Gosh!

I have been so busy!

Wednesday night, I rode three horses, which felt great!
Trying to leg up Raliegh for hunt season for Scott.
Legging up my own Margo to hunt (she has been off for a bit as I have been riding Big O so much)
And I rode Big O, who I am trying to build confidence with over fences, and he some how managed to jump himself out of both of his front shoes! Crap o la! So he is out until I can get his front shoes tacked back on. He will be wearing bell boots from now on.

Thursday night, I went over and worked with my dad on my horse trailer, which is looking AWESOME! I painted the roof. Can't wait until it is done and I can haul 2 horses at once!

Tonight, I am out at the barn to do chores and am going to scrap botflys off my mare... fun!
I'm going to try and ride two horses everyday.

Also, trying to get a hunting habit together. I need a vest, a black hunt coat, brown leather gloves, and I'd like to get a leather sandwich case. Oh and a flask.

I'm excited to go Tuesday for a lesson with Amanda at Barb Joyces! My friend Tara has been taking lessons there and loves it! Cant wait!

Sunday, I'm delivering a kitten to Kara's and am going to drive Petey! Woohoo!

I can't find my camera anywhere since I packed for the last show, which got rained out :(

I want to take a picture of Jack to show how much weight he has gained and his leg looks so good! (Thanks Tara for the magic stuff!)

Anyway, I'm so happy to have horses! Wish I had more money though!

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