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Friday, August 31, 2012

New Start

Today is my last day at my current job. I have decided to pack up and am moving to North Carolina on Tuesday! I accepted the position of Barn Manager at a large Hunter/Jumper barn in Apex, NC, just West of Raleigh.

Arrangements have been made for my personal horses to stay here in Missouri. I'm leaving behind 3 cats too :( However, I am taking my best cat, Christmas, with me. I'm pretty excited and scared and happy and sad!


Busplunge said...

This just in from Sara Lee:

first day: up at 6:30 to feed, turned out, then rode a big dapple gray hann gelding then rode a smallish Danish wb stallion. both were nicer than anything I've ever rode before =) lunged another horse, clean up and then lunch. another new girl got here last night. she is from Sweden. there is an American girl who works here, leaving in a month and a New Zealand girl who leaves next week. the Swede and I are replacing them

Reagan said...

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Busplunge said...

Sara was involved in a terrible accident the first of October.

The horse she was riding bolted and threw Sara off.

Her right boot got caught in the stirrup and the horse drug her.

Sara spent three days in ICU with a fractured skull and a brain bleed.

Her helmet most likely saved her life.

Sara is back in Springfield now, staying with her parents while she recuperates.

A complete recovery is expected.

Triangle A said...

Hope you doing better I miss you posting