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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Okay, okay, ok...

So, I keep posting all these horses on here that I find on Craigslist, hoping to help my friend Tara, who is horse shopping. But apparently, the "oldies, but goodies" and cute 14.3 hh arabs I am finding are not quite what she has in mind, lol.

SO, I have to find her one that looks like THIS:
Not like THIS:
Haha! I LOVE this little mare, and I am not much of an "Arab" person (Link) Only $500!

I got my awesome new Renegade boots for Margo in the mail on Monday, and am FINALLY going out tho the barn tonight to try them on her! Yay! I'm going to take my camera and take pics.

Super excited for this weekend, Horsefest on Sunday and trail riding on Saturday, woohoo!

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Anonymous said...

LOL!! Don't get me wrong, the Ayrab is cute so it's definitely not a looks issue with her... ;D

But they're always fun to look at.