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Friday, March 11, 2011

Renegade Hoof Boots Review (and other hoof boot thoughts)

Well, I finally made it out to the barn last night to try my new Renegade hoof boots on Margo... And... Well, I don't love them :(

This picture isn't my pair, I got really cool black ones with maroon heel captivators. I tried to take pics last night, and of course my camera batteries died.

So... Here are my list of cons:

- they made a noise when she moved, like a flapping noise
- they might be too small, b/c while they fit her hoof, I had to let the cables out all the way and the heel captivator still seemed too tight (so why the flapping noise, I wonder?)
- they seem to have too many parts
- I don't like how the cables are exposed on the side, even on my short 20 min ride last night, they got mud all in everything
- They are kind of bulky, they are way wider than her hoof.

So, my pros:

- they look kind of cool (kind of dorky too, but alas, they are hoof boots...)
- they seem comfy (to me) with the neoprene padding
- they are fairly easy to put on
- they fit lower than gaiter on Easyboots

I can't decide to sell them or keep them. They DID fit her back feet a lot better, so I might keep them for that.

I also got the Easyboot Glove fit kit and played with that last night. They seem pretty cool, I had a hard time getting her hoof all the way up to the toe in them, so I called Easycare, Inc, and they suggested using a rubber mallet to tap them on. So I am going to try that tonight. Her hoof might just be too wide for them though. They fit on her back feet awesome, of course.

I really like the look of these Gloves, though they have the high gaiter, I like how sleek and form fitting they are.

Plus, you can get this cool "power strips" to help hold on the boots better...
These are the black ones, but they come in all different colors...

So, I am going out tonight to try the gloves again, and the Renegades on her hind feet. I am using Tara's Epics right now and like those too, and I am also still considering the Cavallo Simple boots for her front as well. If I can't get a good fit with the gloves, I will most likely order a pair of Cavellos. We will see....

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allhorsestuff said...

Hello, just stumbled across your horsey blog. I have one too and have had all the boots + for my TB mare. She does NOT have the right shapped hoof for ANY of the EASYBOOTS, sadly. I also tried the Old macs, and they made her stumble and fall. I am now using the Delta CAVALLOS. They have an "endurance version out that looks even better than the "simple boot" I've now enjoyed for over a year of hard riding.
Could NOT get the Renegade folks to call me back so won't even go there.