5 Acre Dream (minus the 5 acres!)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hmmm... How to stretch a dollar?

WELL, this Saturday is open schooling at Maple Ridge Farm in Ozark, MO.
I get paid Friday.

I will need $30- for open schooling AND gas to get me from my barn in Battlefield, to Maple Ridge in Ozark.

Then, next weekend is nuts. I already asked off Friday to go to the Cathy Drumm Clinic at Heritage in Mt. Vernon. So, I need $75 for the clinic AND gas to get from my barn in Battlefield, to Heritage Livestock in Mt. Vernon.

On Saturday (11-3) is a FREE (!) trail clinic at Valley Water Mill. Tara already signed up and I am going to try and get a spot. So, I will need gas to get from my barn in Battlefield to Valley Water Mill on the North side of Springfield.

(Ok, I guess this is the NEXT Sunday, the 14th.) Sunday is a SMHJA show at Stokely Farm in Billings. I think I will skip it, as I will be broke. (And I would rather do the Drumm Clinic)

So, I need $105- for open schooling and clinic fees and $100 (?) for gas? Crap. Maybe I can sell some plasma? Someone said it takes 5 hours the first time, but you make $50 each time you go... eye yi yi

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